What Does It Mean to #Billieve?

Imagine giving a press briefing after every time you lose.

You have a rough day when nothing goes well…your lesson tanks and all the students are ‘revolting’…your emotions get the best of you and you say things to a coworker or family member that you immediately regret…


Untitled documentIn these ‘post-loss’ times how do you handle yourself? How do you see the loss and your next steps? Do you blame others, brush it off as the world is against you, or internalize the failure and ‘turtle’ (ya know: stay in-dressed in your sweats-eating ice cream out of the carton-feeling bad for yourself?)?


As a Billiever (aka, a serious Buffalo Bills fan, really…just google it) I have seen year after year of loss and squashed hopes. I harken back to the Glory Days of Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and the gang that brought us 4 Superbowl games (and yes all losses). I was in High School for those 4 memorable years and they were right up there along with my memories of prom, friendships, and meeting up at the ‘Silo’.

I really have no choice but to be a Billiever. You see, some of my earliest memories are standing at the edge of my lawn on Abbott Rd flagging cars to park in our yard for Bills games, being land-locked at our house each gameday (traffic for hours), and my Dad exclaiming, “Pizza with the works!” after each win. After all, my 4 older brothers and I were in a football family growing up a half mile from the Bills stadium. I have a lot of history with the Buffalo Bills and I’m not the only one. If you want to smile and enjoy some feel-good emotions, just take a look at the effects of our recent Big Win. Also, my friend Teresa Gross (@teresagross625) shared her thoughts about this awesome football community in her post, A Football Community Celebrates.

So, what does it mean to Billieve?

It means taking each loss as a next step forward. It means staying positive…at least positive enough to know that one loss doesn’t mean the end. It means, as Bills coach Sean McDermott stated, you “continue to grow” and “learn lessons” to help you move forward. It also means you rally together for the good of the team. If you haven’t heard about all the awesomeness of Bills fans lately check out the generosity towards the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation after Andy Dalton threw the winning touchdown pass that made the Bills Playoff berth possible.

You might think this post is all about football but it’s not. It’s about being reflective and continuously looking ahead to grow…professionally, personally, or as a sports team. One loss doesn’t define you…heck even several losses don’t define you!

Just ask the Buffalo Bills and the #Billievers!

I’m here!


I’ve made it!

I’m here!

I’m nervous and excited like when you are running late through the airport and just make it to your seat at the moment they close the gate and you’re thinking how lucky you are to have made it on time to your flight but remembering that now it means you are off to a new, unknown place that is both exciting and scary.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

You see, I’m not really a ‘writer’. As an educator I know I shouldn’t say that. I always cringe when someone tells me they’re not really a ‘math person’ (no such thing-more on that later) or when I was a 3rd grade teacher and the mother of a new student introduced her son to me as ‘not really a reader’. I guess I mean to say I don’t have much of an inclination towards writing, letting alone publishing my writing to the blog-o-sphere. But I don’t really think of blogging as writing as much as it is sharing your thoughts with the world. (Now that I’ve written that, I’ve made myself more nervous!)

But I’m here. I have thoughts upon thoughts in my head and I’m ready to set them free. I won’t have the best sentence structure- I mean I’ve already broken many writing laws I’m sure- but full disclosure I don’t really care about writing rules.

I care that what I’ve said will resonate with someone as many of the blogs I read every day resonate with me.

What I’ve learned about social media over the years is that it isn’t the ‘evil’ that some people think it may be. Sure, many horrible things happen now because people are more able to share horrible things instantly but sharing wonderful things can happen that way too!

So, what are the wonderful things I have to share? Well, this is where the adventure lies…I’m not precisely sure!

Life being complicated means I am many things (in no order of importance!): an educator- an instructional coach at the moment, an educational technology enthusiast, a math interventionist, a mom of 2 boys- one preteen!, a wife of 15 years, and so many more. I’ve never really fit into a neat category…I’m just me. Which means I will let this blog take me where I want to go, with no neat category.

It will be about teaching, learning, parenting, living…100 percent.

And so...the adventure begins